Arduino Day Specials and Excitement!

Sparkfun Arduino Day

I woke up to an email from Atmel announcing a 30% discount for Arduino products on March 28th! I was aware of Arduino day, but it had slipped my mind until today. We will be able to enjoy all kinds of specials from Sparkfun. Not only are they having an Arduino sale, but other products will be reduced as well. I definitely recommend to those of you who are still undecided on which controller to go with, to take care of this special day.
Arduino Day

Noteworthy Specials of the day

The Arduino UNO R3 will be selling at an all time low 20$ price point. If you don’t have this version in your inventory, then you definitely need to purchase it this Friday. If you are strapped on cash, you may also consider the Red Board from Sparkfun which is essentially an SMD version of the original Arduino. Other specials in the Arduino inventory include the Pro Mini which will be selling for ONLY 6$! Awesome deal; I don’t think you can get a Chinese knock off for that low.

Sparkfun has pretty much put all of their manufactured products on special. You should be able to pick up anything from a breadboard to advanced Arduino Shields. Although they have not released the price points for all of the items, I’m assuming that it would be reasonable to expect specials of up to 30%.

arduino tutorial

Community Events

In addition to all the specials, there will be numerous Arduino communities coming together in order to showcase their work, provide hands on tutorials and spread awareness of the maker communities worldwide. If you live near such a location, I would definitely encourage you to check it out; unfortunately I won’t have the opportunity this year.

Find such location by visiting the following link: Arduino Community Map


I will most likely pick up a few modules from Sparkfun for my tutorials. I recommend you purchase some as well. Share what you’ve picked up on the forums!
– EEEnthusiast

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