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Arduino Bot #1 – Assembling the Autonomous Robot Kit

Building the Robot Kit

This week, I wanted to take it slow and work on the mechanical side of things. In that spirit, I decided to start on a small side project which is an Arduino Robot Kit. My goal is to create a series of tutorials which would guide the readers & viewers through the steps of building their own robot. This will include mechanical assembly, electrical implementation and of course a lot of learning and failing as we go. This will by no means be a professional guide to robotics and is intended to the average DIYer excited about building their first machine.

The Kit Breakdown

The Robot Kit I’ve purchased can be found here: Emgreat® Motor Robot Car Chassis Kit with Speed Encoder wheels and Battery Box

The kit is worth every penny. It contains a sturdy chassis, motors, wheels and all the secondary components required for a full bot. It allows you to build on a great platform while being inexpensive enough for you not to worry about it. In other words, the motor/wheel set alone make the kit worth the investment.

Video of the full build:

As I mentioned earlier, my goal is to keep expanding the platform. This video is the first of a series in which we will be building the full robot. This includes the basics such as motor drives (See my recent tutorial: DC Motor Driver) sensors, speed control, etc.

On that note, thank you for watching.

– EEEnthusiast

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  1. Thanks for the video – I’m a newbie and and am helping students to complete this project!

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