Arduino Uno R3 Acrylic Case
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Acrylic Enclosure for Arduino Uno R3


Acrylic Enclosure for Arduino Uno R3 Features :

  • Highly Durable Laser Cut Acrylic
  • Comes with Hardware to secure the Arduino as well as the case: 5x short bolt, 4x long bolt & 10x nut
  • Protective film on the acrylic pieces
  • Requires assembly of 6 acrylic pieces

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Product Description

Protecting your precious Uno R3

Electronics are fragile and require good care. Breakout boards and bare PCBs are easily damaged by static electricity, dust, debris or simple drops. After all, these devices go into projects which don’t always go into a clean room. Our solution is an acrylic enclosure, perfectly fitted for the Arduino Uno R3 platform. This enclosure features laser cut acrylic which will withstand falls, hold tight to your controller and make it look good! The box itself comes with protective film to make sure that it arrives without scratches. The hardware to secure it in place is also provided: 5 short and 4 long screws. The short ones secure the Arduino to the board and the long ones hold the enclosure together.


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Additional Information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 100 x 80 x 20 mm


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