Raspberry Pi 2 Released

//Raspberry Pi 2 Released

Raspberry Pi 2 Released

Raspberry Pi Long Awaited Release

Although having a single-board computer was a hard thing to even take into consideration a while ago, nowadays the Raspberry Pi has clearly shown that such a thing is not only possible, but it’s also versatile and exciting to use as well. It seems though that the developers behind this amazing computer want to take the whole experience one step forward, and this is how the Raspberry Pi 2 has been born.


raspberry pi 2 review
After the first iteration of this device launched back in 2012, numerous people complained that they would need a little more processing power. The new Raspberry Pi 2 is the answer to all their complains, since it replaces the ARM11 processor with a Cortex-A5 that’s clocked at 800 MHZ. However, the standout feature here is that the Raspberry Pi 2 brings four cores, which definitely manages to boost the speed quite a lot, some tests actually claim that the speed is improved up to six times, which is great for those that want a boost in performance.
The Raspberry Pi 2 also receive an upgrade when it comes to the amount of RAM, since it now has 1GB. When it comes to the rest of the hardware, it’s safe to know that the Raspberry Pi 2 is similar to the original B+, as it includes a video core GPU, a GPIO that has 40 pins as well as Ethernet and four USB ports.

Dimensions and accessibility

Raspberry Pi 2’s dimensions are roughly the same as the older version, which means that it’s still pretty much a portable computer that you can hook up anywhere you want without any restrictions. One of the best things about it is that the Raspberry Pi 2 is compatible with all the hardware accessories that were created for the older version and it even allows you to use the same software.
Its main benefit however relies on the fact that the processing power is much better, so you can get an improved experience when you watch 1080p movies for example, as everything is outputted in a more fluid manner, or during gaming, as the game is capable to provide higher frames per second/


You can install the Raspberry Pi 2 pretty much like the older version, and in order to get a working system you will need a phone charger that provides 2A or even more current, as well as an USB keyboard, mouse and a display that works either via composite video or HDMI, as the device supports both.
When it comes to storage, you need to purchase a microSD card, which is more than enough for all users. As operating system, you can opt for any Linux distribution you might want, although you can also try to use Windows on it, since it does provide the processing power for such a thing. It does come with Raspbian as a default, but you can customize that as you see fit, if needed.


Despite the fact that it offers a wide range of improvements, Raspberry Pi 2 comes with a similar price to the older model, which makes it a great purchase. Yes, it does require addition software or hardware to function, but at a price of around $30-40 is hard to complain about such a thing. If you want to create your own home cinema system or just have a portable, Linux based computer which can be carried anywhere you want, then Raspberry Pi 2 is a great purchase!

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