Wearable Electronics - Sensor and Software Development

Wearable Electronics – Sensor and Software Development Growth

Market Expansion for Wearable Electronics

In the recent years, we have seen a tremendous growth of the wearable electronics market. Multiple large companies, such as Apple and Samsung, began manufacturing smart watches and competing for customers. Small companies were not left behind and we witnessed small start-ups such as Pebble and Neptune Pine. Some were more successful than others in their ventures, but one thing we have noticed is that this greatly increased the need of smaller, more energy efficient sensors as well as other hardware. These companies are constantly pushing the current technology to new levels and requires manufacturers to deliver better products.

Wearable Electronics - Sensor and Software Development

The requirements

There are several requirements when it comes to wearable technology. The first restriction is obviously the size of the device. There will obviously be abnormalities to this rule such as the Neptune Pine, but in general, you want the device to be as small and as elegant as possible. Very few people are interested in carrying a large piece of hardware on their wrist. The second consideration these companies need to make revolves around battery life. One of the biggest issues with the cellphone technology is the need to constantly recharge the device. If you are old enough to remember the flip phone, you will certainly remember the fact that they lasted much longer than the currently available devices. This is obviously due to the fact that we run multiple applications while connected to a 4G network, Bluetooth, GPS and other new features. Battery life does suffer.

Hardware and Software Integration

Technology is evolving quickly. Engineers are required to be competent in hardware and software. This allows these companies to integrate hardware and software into their systems. Frost & Sullivan, a company which focused on the pressure sensors and wireless communications became the leader in its niche. It leveraged the expansion of the wearable market and created solutions for many of its customers. Their profile can be found here: Frost & Sullivan