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Arduino Delay Function – Tutorial on Software Interrupts, Timer Library & Alternatives to Delay

An Arduino delay can ruin your code. Knowing how to leverage software interrupts as well as Arduino timers as alternatives to Arduino delay calls critical. We will be looking at the Arduino Timer Library as well as examples of Software Interrupts and how you can eliminate the pesky Arduino delay function. The demo in the tutorial is an LCD [...]

  • Arduino Interrupts Tutorial

Arduino Interrupts Button Tutorial Example – Pin 2 Hardware

Arduino Interrupts are powerful. In this tutorial, I will be showcasing an example of how to tie Pin 2 of the Arduino to a hardware interrupt with the use of a button. This simple guide illustrates the functions of an interrupt, how it triggers different software states as well as the configurations you need to make. We will also [...]


Arm Development #2 – STM32 Cortex-M0 I2C Tutorial using ADS1115 Analog to Digital IC – Keil & CubeMX

The second ARM Tutorial is progressively more difficult as we tackle I2C. I've made a very detailed tutorial on how to get I2C working on Arduino in conjunction with the [...]

Arm Development #1 – STM32 Discovery Hello World Tutorial on CubeMX & Keil 5 uVision Getting Started

ARM Development has been on my mind for quite some time. I finally got my hands on the STM32 Discovery Board earlier this year. This development board has been recommended [...]

Java #2 – Queue & Stack Implementation Tutorial – Linked List Programming Explained from Scratch

In this episode, we are looking at implementing java stacks and queues. These data structures are widely used and are likely to come up on an interview. It's extremely important [...]

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