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Hi, I’m Vlad Romanov, the Founder of EEEnthusiast. myself

This venture has started as a simple hobby and passion to create valuable tutorials for the electrical engineering community. My main goal was always to provide valuable content which covers topic not covered or poorly covered (in my opinion) by others.

I had originally started making videos with my phone in 2013 as I noticed that there weren’t any good ressources for FPGAs. I soon realized that Arduino was also a platform that was not widely covered at the time and decided to start a series of tutorials on it.

As the website as well as the YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/EEEnthusiast) grew, I realized that it’s more than just me creating tutorials. It has become a community of makers, engineers and hobbyists who are looking to learn new skills, develop their passion and simply learn something new.

My Background

I’ve played with electronics for as long as I can remember. I used to build circuits since the age of 7 and learned how to solder by 9. I was the guy who fixed everyone’s computer, hosted his own gaming and video servers at 15 and programmed at the age of 16. I became very passionate about web development along the way and thus created multiple sites for my friends and as contracts.

My formal education is in Electrical Engineering; I hold a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering minoring in Power and Renewable Energy Systems.

To this date, most of my experience lies in manufacturing where I’ve programming control systems, setup new machines, programming vision systems and much more.

On the side, I’ve always enjoyed building and programming things. I picked up multiple embedded systems platforms as well as iOS during my spare time.

Don’t be shy to connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vladromanov

Goals For EEEnthusiast.com

  • To teach, inspire and guide engineers, makers and hobbyists.
  • To provide quality tutorials, insights and blogs for everyone.
  • To build a community which will support each other in their path to learn more.

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