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Ep. 58 – Arduino Advanced Input & Button Control, Debouncing, Counters & Multitasking

By | 2017-05-07T20:04:05-07:00 May 8th, 2017|Arduino, Tutorials|

Button & Input implementation on Arduino is fairly straight forward. However, many of you have been asking me questions with regards to implementing more advanced features such as an Arduino Button Counter. This tutorial is dedicated to exploring how you can properly check the status of your inputs and how you can utilize them within [...]

Boolean Logic & Bitwise Operators Tutorial and Walkthrough in Swift

By | 2016-10-17T14:33:44-07:00 October 17th, 2016|Arduino, iOS Development, Tutorials|

Full Code: Boolean Logic & Bit MAnipulation Tutorial Boolean Logic & Bit Manipulation A lot of confusion came from my MPU-6050 Tutorial (Link to the tutorial: It came mainly from the bit manipulation of data. The goal of this tutorial is to clarify this operation and give a review on boolean logic. Both of [...]

Arduino Accelerometer & Gyroscope Tutorial – MPU-6050 6DOF

By | 2017-05-16T20:28:10-07:00 July 20th, 2016|Arduino, Tutorials|

Arduino MPU-6050 Accelerometer & Gyro Implementation In this tutorial, we will be walking you through the MPU-6050 implementation. We will show you exactly what you need to do in order to retrieve all the important data. We will be also explaining what you need to know about the registers used in the MPU. Lastly, the [...]

Arduino based Solar Tracker – Stepper Motor & Light Resistor Tutorial

By | 2016-09-23T22:44:04-07:00 July 5th, 2016|Arduino, Tutorials|

In this project, we will be building a simple solar tracker capable of detecting the most optimal position of the sun on one axis and adjusting itself accordingly. The goal is to create a control loop which will be able to accurately position a solar panel toward the sun. Required materials and hardware In this [...]

Arduino Project – Potentiometer Servo Control & Memory

By | 2016-09-23T22:44:13-07:00 January 22nd, 2016|Arduino, Tutorials|

Arduino Potentiometer Servo Control & Memory In this project, we will be exploring the control of a servo motor through the use of a potentiometer. Not only will we be able to control the motor, but we will also utilize a "memorization" routine which will record the movement of the servo and play it back [...]

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